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episodic' in look and feel. They are truly novels in their own right." -Science Fiction Weekly

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To Beverly Ferris, who loves books


For their generosity and support, J. Michael Straczynski and Fiona Avery have my deepest appreciation.

Thanks again to my group of science experts, for providing me with invaluable information: Tom Thatcher, Dr. Charles Lurio, Dr. Stephanie Ross, Bruce Goatly, Dr. Stuart Penn, Dr. Gary Day, Dr. Reed Riddle, Dr. John Schilling, Beth Dibble, Dr. Dennis C. Hwang, Elizabeth Bartosz, Dr. Korey Moeller, Megan Gentry, and Dr. David Loffredo.

For sharing their knowledge of the Babylon 5 universe, thanks to K. Stoddard Hayes, Don Kinney, Alec Ecyler, Merryl Gross, K. Waldo Ricke, Patricia Jackson, John Donigan, William (Pete) Pettit, and Marty Gingras.

Passionate thanks to all the people, many listed above, who read this book in manuscript form and provided feedback: Keith Demanche, JoAnn Forgit, Larry Taylor, Susan Shell Winston, Matthew Rotundo, Matthew Winn, Daniel Fitzgerald, Thomas Seay, David Lowrey, Rita Oakes, Dawn R. Cotter, Paul Schilling, Elaine Isaak, Troy Ehlers, Walter Williamson, Marty Hiller, Cherie Wein, Deborah Bryant, Richard Bradford, Ben Dibble, and Michael Flint. Special thanks to my mother, for being a strong support throughout this writing process.

Thanks to Steve Laurent, Roxanne Hutton, Laurie N. Lanzdorf, Doug Cohen, Keith Maxwell, Peter David, and John Hersey.

Thanks to my editor, Steve Saffel, and my agent, Lori Perkins.

Finally, to my husband, thank you. Without your care, I would have gone stark-raving mad and run off to Mexico with Igmoe.


There is a greater darkness than the one we fight.

It is the darkness of the soul that
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