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one techno-mage battles the ultimate evil

As billions die and the flames of destruction rage unchecked, the Shadows seem poised for absolute victory. Soon the entire galaxy will fall to their evil. But the war isn't over...not yet. At long last, in a forgotten corner of the universe, Galen has finally won the Circle's permission to leave the techno-mage hiding place. He is the only mage who has faced the Shadows and lived, the only one who possesses the unstoppable Spell of Destruction.

Galen's orders are clear. Though the galaxy is being torn apart by bloody conflict-in which his powers might tip the balance -he is to locate only three key enemies and kill them. But Galen has unearthed the Shadows' darkest secret-and discovered a monstrous truth about himself.

In this desperate, apocalyptic battle, there's no telling who will be the victor. Or if there will be any survivors at all...

* * *

Praise for World Fantasy Award Winner Jeanne Cavelos and Babylon 5: Casting Shadows

"It is the rare book that not only matches the quality of the material it is based upon, but surpasses it... Events range from falling-out-of-your-chair laughter... to ripping-your-heart-out sadness. I have heard people talk before about books they just couldn't put down... but I had never experienced that feeling. Until now." -The Zocalo Today

"Well written and evocative."

-Science Fiction Chronicle

"The beginning of an epic... If the writer set out to prove that media tie-ins could fulfill the demanding art of original storytelling and not just capitalize on a brand name, then she's succeeded brilliantly here."


"The best Babylon 5 book to date... Doesn't deserve to be classed as a mere 'media novel.' " -About.com

"A revelation... Not 'television
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