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they were supposed to remain silent, he found he had received a message. Galen.

It was from Elizar. He still lived. A part of Galen took great satisfaction in that, the part that wanted to kill Elizar face-to-face, to rip his tech out with bare, bloody hands.

Another message. Are you alive?

Another message. Answer me, you bastard. Why didn'tyou warn the mages? Why didn't you stop them from boarding that ship? I told you it was a trap.

It seemed Elric's ruse had been successful. Or at least Elizar wanted him to believe so.

Another message. I know you're alive. You didn't have time to reach Babylon 5 to die with the others. You let them die, didn't you? You let them all die out of spite, because of what I told you.

He had not killed the mages, but he had killed many more.

Another. Everything I've done-it's all pointless now. How could you have killed them? And Elric?

All of Elizar's efforts were pointless now. He would have no mages to rule. Galen waited as minutes passed, knowing there must be more.

Come back and face me. Let us finish this.

At last, he and Elizar wanted the same thing. A thrill ran through him, and he shook with a quick, violent shiver. Here was his chance. They could kill each other. Finally it could end.

But he could not go back. If he did, if Elizar failed to kill him, he would not be able to shut himself down again. He would destroy everything. He wanted to destroy everything.

He did a mind-focusing exercise, tightening his arms across his chest. He would not respond. He would not act.

Know this. I will find you. And I will kill you.

I will say no more.

A jump point had opened ahead, and the ships were dropping back out of hyperspace. This was the one stop they would make before retreating to the hiding place,
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