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work to look on.

"We can fight them!" Alwyn yelled. "Galen proved it!"

Blaylock turned and started toward the bunker. With a fierce glance at a few mages loitering nearby, he drove them back into motion.

As Alwyn started after Blaylock, G'Leel grabbed him.

Alwyn's head transformed into the head of a golden dragon, with fierce red eyes and long, needle-sharp teeth. He let out a furious screech. G'Leel jumped back.

The illusion vanished, and Alwyn yelled out to the mages. "You're all going to die anyway! Our time is over! In three years you'll know the truth!"

Blaylock stopped, faced Alwyn. Though his arms remained at his sides, the threat was clear. Alwyn must stop talking, now. The air around Blaylock seemed to boil.

Alwyn returned Blaylock's hard stare, his jaw tight.

Standing at Alwyn's side, G'Leel spoke to him. After a time Alwyn nodded once, then a few seconds later, again. Finally he looked from Blaylock to her. Then he turned, and they walked away.

Blaylock resumed his journey to the bunker as if nothing had happened.

Galen realized with displeasure that Alwyn and G'Leel were coming toward him. He needed to regain his stillness, to send his anger away on the wind. He began visualizing the letters of the alphabet in his mind, one after the next. The cold was beginning to build inside of him. It was the chill of a fever, of heat held within.

"You'll stay with us, right, Galen?" Alwyn said. The bags beneath his eyes were wet with tears, his face clenched in anger. "After what the Shadows did- After all they've killed-" Alwyn jerked his head to one side. "Those cowards would turn tail and run. They don't care about anyone but themselves. They let her die, can you believe it? They just let her die."

He said it as if it were the first
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