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impatient with herself. Then her red eyes at last met his. "I need to know what happened in the tunnels after I was shot. Alwyn doesn't know anything. I remember going into that white room after you. I saw those two you asked me about-Elizar and the Centauri."

Galen didn't want to go over it again, to think of all he had done. "You were shot by a Drazi in league with the Shadows. I killed her. I killed the Centauri. We escaped."

A smile flashed over her face. "Did anyone ever tell you you're a great storyteller?"

"If you want stories," Galen said, "ask any other mage here." He was being drawn again into anger. He must stop it. Across the plateau, Elric nodded at something Blaylock said, and again his gaze returned to Galen.

"Thank you for saving me," G'Leel said.

He had been concerned only with killing, not saving. "I did nothing. It was Blaylock and Alwyn who healed you."

"The one who killed Isabelle-he got away?"

Galen wasn't sure whether Elizar was alive or dead. But he would not claim Elizar's death until he was certain. He gave a single nod.

"Are you going to go back there? I need to get to that warehouse you told me about and stop them from shipping any more weapons to the Centauri."

"I destroyed the warehouse."

G'Leel hesitated. "Are you serious? When did you do that?"

"As we were leaving, I destroyed the City Center, the warehouse, the spaceport-a whole section of the city. I killed- whoever was there." How could he live with what he'd done?

Elric and Blaylock parted. Blaylock went to Alwyn. Elric came toward them. He looked even older and weaker than before. He held himself stiffly upright, trying to appear as he always had. Yet the erect posture and long, even strides were clearly a growing effort for him. Each movement seemed
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