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from Babylon 5, including Ing-Radi. They had lost another member of the Circle, and their greatest healer.

Optima found Fed, and he burst into animated talk, slipping an arm around her waist as they walked across the plateau.

Left to themselves, Blaylock and Elric spoke. Elric glanced toward Galen, listened to Blaylock, glanced again. Galen stood frozen in place. Was there any way he and Elric could return to the relationship they'd once had? How could Elric possibly justify all the lies he had told? And how could Galen possibly justify all those he had killed?

G'Leel approached him from the bunker. She wore a long black cloak she'd apparently borrowed from Alwyn. Each shoulder moved forward in turn. The gold of her skin seemed slightly pale, the white scar across her nose standing out, bright. Alwyn had brought her to the gathering place despite the directives of the Circle. He had said she was too ill to be abandoned, and she'd been resting since they'd arrived. She looked well now, though Galen knew much recuperation was necessary after a healing.

G'Leel stopped several feet away. She looked in his direction, not meeting his eyes, then looked away across the plateau. "What's going on?" she asked. She was still afraid of him, he realized.

"The group from Babylon 5 has returned."

"Is that Alwyn? What happened to him?"

"His former student. Carvin. She was with the group. She died. Many others did as well."

"I'm sorry," she said.

The numbers who had died were nothing compared to the numbers he had killed.

G'Leel took a step closer. "How's your leg?"

"Fine." He supposed it was almost healed. He barely noticed the pain anymore.

She took another step. "Got rid of the hair, I see." When he didn't respond, she shook her head slightly, as if
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