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to say something, and he seemed to come to a decision. He went after her.

Elric struggled to push himself up. Carvin needed to get to the Crystal Cabin. Londo must be distracted. He raised a hand to the wall to brace himself. It slid down again, again, as if the muscles in his arm had been removed. Waves of emptiness pushed through him.

"The Ondavi is a freighter," Londo said, walking beside her as the line progressed toward the ship. "Really not fit for passengers. The cargo hold"-he shook his head-"it's quite unpleasant."

"Thank you for your concern. But I'll be fine."

"But you needn't be, dear lady." They reached the security checkpoint, and Carvin presented her identicard to Lou Welch. Londo continued. "I've made special arrangements for you to sit up on the flight deck. You'll find it much more pleasant there."

Lou cleared Carvin, and Londo attempted to follow her through.

Lou barred the way with his arm. "Passengers only, Ambassador."

"Oh, but this is ridiculous! This ship belongs to a highly placed Centauri, a friend of mine. I am handling this-" Londo called toward the Ondavi. "Lieutenant! Lieutenant!" He looked at Lou. "Security. Are you ever there when you are actually needed?"

A Centauri in a shabby uniform came out of the ship.

Londo pointed to Carvin. "This is the charming woman I was telling you about. You must allow her to sit with you on the flight deck. She's my most honored guest. Provide her every convenience you can offer. Make her happy. Keep her safe. Or you will have me to answer to."

Damn Londo. He'd somehow gotten the idiotic notion that he could save Carvin by keeping her out of the cargo hold. In an ill-considered attempt to appease his conscience, he was going to kill her. Elric clawed his way up the wall, his legs

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