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playing the gracious winner, as she should. She revealed no sign that she knew the Centauri ship would soon take twenty-five of her order to their deaths.

Londo looked toward the line of mages, and his lips parted. He turned back to Carvin. "I wish that you and I could have gotten to know each other better. Is there any chance you could stay? Follow the others in a few days?"

So Londo did have a scrap of conscience, at least for a beautiful young woman. The rest of them could die without causing him undue upset.

"I must go with them. You should be glad we're leaving before you've lost everything."

"Yes, I still have my stock in Fireflies, Incorporated. Sure to bring me security in my old age."

Carvin glanced at the end of the line of mages, which had wound its way into the customs area. "It's time now, Londo." With a smile she took his hand, kissed it in a perfect impression of his overly solicitous manner. "Good-bye, dear ambassador." She took her place at the end of the line.

As Londo looked after her, his mouth widened, as if he thought

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