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his head ballooned upward. His mouth rippled out in a silent scream. His arms-white from shoulder to elbow, dark red from elbow to hand-elongated downward, stretching like taffy to curl and pool beside his feet. In the last moment before the tunnel eclipsed Galen's view, the sphere begin to fade and collapse, and within its great invisible fist-the fist of Galen's will- Tilar's body was crushed.

He found it very satisfying.

As the platform raced back, a thunderous crack split the air. A rush of dirt and rocks shot down the tunnel at him, slamming into the shield.

Galen turned to face his direction of motion, found Blaylock and G'Leel on a platform beside him, speeding down the tunnel away from the cave-in.

When they reached a safe distance, Blaylock stopped both platforms, dissolved them and the defensive shields he'd conjured. He took a single, stumbling step, then recovered his balance and stood still, head bowed. He'd pulled off the tourniquets at some point; the bloodstained scarf hung around his neck. His face was shiny with sweat.

The energy still burned through Galen, racing, endless. He had to get G'Leel and Blaylock out of here.

He realized he had a series of messages from Alwyn. Ignoring them all, he created his own, sending a copy to Blaylock. Where are you?

Would you please stay in touch? You two are going to be the death of me. I'm at this City Center building you mentioned in your message to Elric. I've been flying around it searching for you. I got away with it for a while, but the locals would really like me to leave now.

With a brief steadying touch to Blaylock's elbow, Galen conjured a platform beneath the three of them, sent them down the tunnel the way he and G'Leel had originally come.

He sent a quick response to Alwyn. There's
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