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that revealed horror at Anna's body subsumed within the machine.

"If you want to leave, you'd better go now."

Blaylock turned toward him, the words taking a moment to register. Then Blaylock nodded, his face regaining its severity, and he pulled himself away from the wall. He walked with unsteady steps through the scoop-shaped depressions in the floor. "I told you not to come after me."

"You told me many things."

Galen stepped out into the dim stone tunnel. He scanned again for mage energy, but he could detect no clear signal.

"Elizar fled when our power returned," Blaylock said.

Galen was irritated that Blaylock knew what he was thinking. With an equation of motion he brought G'Leel out into the tunnel. To the left was the way back to the surface, the direction from which Alwyn's dragon had come.

Alwyn ran into sight around the curve, his silver hair gleaming in the dim light. He stopped and waved. "The cavalry is here! Hurry!" He turned and disappeared around the bend.

Galen limped quickly down the tunnel, bringing G'Leel behind him. Blaylock followed more slowly. Galen considered conjuring a platform for him, then grew angry at himself for thinking of helping. Let Blaylock conjure it if he needed it.

Galen received a message from Blaylock. It was a copy of a message he had sent to Alwyn. Alwyn, the message simply read.

Galen pushed himself ahead with his stiff leg, G'Leel and Blaylock falling behind. He craned his neck, glimpsing a flash of multicolored robe as Alwyn disappeared farther around the curve.

A response came from Alwyn. I've been trying to reach you for ages. What happened to you?

Blaylock's response went to both Galen and Alwyn. How did you know where we were?

I didn't, Alwyn wrote. I don't. Where are you?

Your golden
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