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Elric stood before him. We may alter the particulars of our plan. But the plan has already been put in motion, and we cannot change course now.


The Circle stood on the dais before the mages. Blaylock spoke. We have decided upon a new site at which we can prepare for our exodus. Bunny was searching for the mages' plan, zeroing in.

Y. Galen forced his mind away from that room, forced the alphabet to completion.


But then he was standing before the dais again. Blaylock continued. We cannot allow our gathering place again to be discovered by the Shadows.

Anna traced the nullifying signal to its source. And turned it off.

Power shot through him like a seizure. His body filled with fire, incandescent. Anna reveled in it. She too was programmed for destruction. She wanted her new weapon to work well.

He'd been horrified at what she was, yet they were kin: different systems with different degrees of autonomy, on the same spectrum of chaos and death.

The black claws ripped out of his mind. Bunny had broken off her attack and was pushing her way back through the crowd of Drakh toward the door. She knew what had happened.

Galen yanked his hands from Anna, retaking control of his racing body, struggling to regain his bearings. He didn't believe he'd revealed the mages' deception, but he couldn't be absolutely certain. He had to kill Bunny.

As the nearest Drakh raised his gun, Galen seized him within a sphere of destruction. Then the next Drakh. And the next. The white walls began to undulate, and time turned sluggish, distorted.

He couldn't see Bunny. He cast the one-term spell again, this time making the sphere large enough to encompass as much as possible of the area between him and the door, while making sure it
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