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between the front edge of the Shadow ship and the stone wall of the pit.

"You destroyed one last night," G'Leel said breathlessly. "A Shadow ship. One that was moving around."

As he skirted the edge of the ship he saw a faint light coming from below. It was a tunnel in the wall of the excavation. From the tunnel, a walkway led to an opening in the ship. Galen brought them down on the walkway.

G'Leel released him and took a few stiff steps back. "I thought techno-mages were wise. I thought maybe they knew a few things. But I didn't think they did much, except tell fortunes and perform mysterious-nonsense."

"I suppose this would fall into the mysterious nonsense category." The entrance to the ship revealed only darkness. He wondered if someone was wired inside. There was no time to investigate.

The tunnel through the brown rock was about eight feet across, and had an arched shape. The floor had been smoothed and polished flat. The rest remained rough and ragged. Surely the Shadows had the ability to create something much more finished. But then, they chose to spend much of their time down here, rather than in the tower above. Perhaps this was where they were comfortable. Galen wondered if this was how they lived on their home, Z'ha'dum.

The dimly lit tunnel extended about thirty feet, then ended at an intersection with another. He saw no one, though the probe on Rabelna had revealed that the tunnels were well traveled by Shadows and others. Galen wished he could use a full-body illusion to disguise himself. But that would probably give him away even more quickly than some half-baked deception. "Hold your gun on me," he said. "If we are stopped, I am your prisoner."

"Who am I?"

"You are one of that cleanup crew out there. You were told to watch for me.
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