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Babylon 5. We came to discover the Shadows' plans for them."

"And what of the mages' hiding place?"

"Unfortunately," Galen said, "the Circle's secrecy is not limited to the tech. Only they know the location of the hiding place. They feared that some of our number were agents of the Shadows, so they would tell no others."

Elizar studied him. "You know nothing more?"

"Blaylock knows the hiding place." Galen staggered to his feet. Pain shot up his leg. "Rouse him and I will help convince him to tell you. I have no further loyalty to him." He swayed, his vision swarming with grey dots. He focused on his balance. He must reach the gun in one clean movement.

"Blaylock will never tell. And you have told me nothing that would convince the Shadows you have turned." Elizar extended a hand, stopped himself before he touched Galen. "I don't understand you. This is the only chance the mages have. You must help me. Don't you want to save them?"

Galen found his breaths coming faster. He fixed Elizar with his gaze. "Restore my power. Let us go. Tell the Shadows we escaped. I will warn the mages. They will elude the trap, and you will have the time you need."

Elizar flung his arms wide, and his voice rose. "How do I know you won't kill me? I can't endanger all I have done, let all those who have died be lost in vain. I must know I can trust you." He hesitated. "If you know nothing of the hiding place, then explain to me your spell of destruction. It will remain between us."

For Elizar, it always came back to power. "I will tell no one that spell. The temptation is too great."

Elizar's mouth hung open at a crooked angle. "We both want the mages to survive. Don't you find it tragic that we can't trust each other? It's our only chance. Galen, we have only a few minutes
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