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the vendettas they'd carried out, the petty feuds, the plots and counterplots, he wondered if the good they'd done had outweighed the bad. It was only in the past fifty years or so that they had truly lived by the Code. Yet in that time, he knew, they had accomplished much of worth.

Galen didn't know if the mages could be saved, or if they should be. Elric had told Alwyn, I can see no path by which the mages will survive this war. Not in any form that we would recognize. Now he understood why. Without the ability to create new tech, the mages would eventually die off. Even if they somehow gained the ability, the nature of the tech would remain unchanged. It would still generate agents of chaos.

Galen didn't know what he wanted, except that he wanted to kill Elizar. "You don't need me," he said. "You have Tilar and Razeel."

"Tilar and Razeel follow the Shadows. Tilar will never forgive our order for casting him away." With a small gesture Elizar extended two fingers toward Blaylock's mangled body. "You see what he is like. Razeel-is beyond help." He lowered his voice and leaned closer. "I first had to convince you of my honesty. That is why I've told you all I have. Whether you believe me now or not, I have no more time to convince you. The Shadows have planned a trap. The mages will all die within the hour, unless you help me stop it."

Galen's heart jumped. "I'm to believe this because you tell me?"

Elizar frowned, impatient. "They know you warned the mages not to board the Zekhite. But the mages have another plan, and the Shadows have discovered it. The mages' ship will be destroyed, along with all those aboard."

If Elizar spoke the truth, then Galen's message had not saved Elric. All those on Babylon 5 would die. Yet how could he know if that was true?
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