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message instead come from the Shadows?

Galen had turned down alliance with the Shadows again and again, refusing their offers of power, of knowledge, of Isabelle's life. You are already one of us, Morden had said. If it was true, then the Circle and the Code were empty, hollow conceits. And he had followed them, and lost her.

Elizar continued. "Once I knew the truth, I realized that, above all, we must have our freedom from the Shadows. Kell and the Circle seemed to have no intention of acting. Fate left that task to me. I determined to be what the mages needed me to be, and do what they needed me to do. I would discover any method the Shadows had for controlling our tech, and learn the secret of creating it. Only that way could I lead the mages into a new age."

Galen didn't want to hear any more. What did the killer hope to accomplish? Did he think Galen would forget the past? "At the convocation, you seemed more interested in secrets of power. You wanted my spell of destruction."

Elizar gave a single nod. "Kell's files indicated that we were once much more powerful than we are now. I knew that great power would be necessary to fight the Shadows, once we gained our independence from them. For a short time at the convocation I hoped Isabelle's shield or your spell of destruction might save us. But I realized that still we must have the secret of the tech's creation, and there was only one way to get it."

Elizar's hand curled inward, and his thumb circled about his fingertips. "So I sought out the Drakh with whom Kell had met. I pretended to join with the Shadows, so I could learn their secrets. I have learned the secret of the device that turns off our tech. I've learned other secrets as well."

"How to make a killing spike." Galen bit out the words, his
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