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his balance.

To one side G'Leel lay, probably dead; he did not have the sensors to tell. On the other was Blaylock, with his ruined hands and dead mind.

"It's a horrible sensation," Elizar said. "But one can get used to it in time."

It was not possible for Elizar to do what he had done. "What-What have you-"

"I've turned off your tech, of course. And I can do it any time I want"

Chapter 14

In his quarters, Londo negotiated with Refa via a secure channel on the comm system. Refa was in the royal palace on Centauri Prime, and he was reluctant to admit he even owned the Ondavi, which made convincing him to turn it over quite a challenge.

Elric watched through the probe on Vir, who stood silently to Londo's side. Elric remained still in the captain's office, awaiting his return. But the endless wrangling of the two Centauri failed to hold his attention.

Through the growing throbbing in his head, he found himself worrying again about Galen, wondering if he still lived, if Alwyn would reach him in time to help. It would be so simple to do an electron incantation. In less than a minute he could have Galen beside him, talking to him, putting his fears to rest. It would be such a joy to see Galen one last time, to learn that Galen would be all right.

But he must not.

"I can't believe you convinced him," Vir said.

The communication had been concluded. Apparently Londo had been successful.

"What choice did I have? If I failed, I would be tormented for the rest of my life by foul-tempered holodemons and even more foul-tempered techno-mages. The smell in here, by the way-you still haven't gotten rid of it." His face wrinkling in revulsion, Londo began to scout around the cluttered, ostentatious room for the source of the odor.

"I'm working
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