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her purse, and they found a corner table in the bar where they could have privacy. As Londo brought drinks over, Elric noticed one of Morden's paid agents sitting several tables away.

Elric accessed different cameras until he found one that gave him a good view of both Londo and Carvin.

"Tell me," Londo said, "what brings you to Babylon 5?"

"Must we resort to small talk? Let's be more daring. If you could ask me one thing"-she fixed him with her eyes- "what would it be?"

Londo seemed to actually give the question some thought. "What was it like, to be brought up apart from your own people?"

She laughed, startling him. "But I wasn't. Those who raised me are my people. The Centauri perhaps share more of my DNA than others, but your history is not my history, your desires are not my desires, your identity is not my identity." With a graceful turn of her wrist she extended her hand. "And now I have a question for you. If you had not been raised by the Centauri, who would you be, what would you want?"

Londo smiled uneasily, then shook his head, expelling a short breath. "It is impossible to imagine. My entire life has been steeped in the tradition, the history, the honor of the Centauri. It is who I am. Without that-" He waved off the question. "Perhaps I would be a professional gambler. Or a gigolo."

"I have a feeling you would excel at either profession."

Londo took a drink. "You flatter me."

"You're a delightful companion, Ambassador."

"Please, you must call me Londo." He seemed to be falling for her seduction, even though he knew it was an act. It fed his ego to believe she was sincere.

"Londo, there is only one desire I have failed to satisfy in living apart from the Centauri." She slid her hand across the table, brushed her fingers over
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