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had not ended well for the Narns. Perhaps Londo had not lost his conscience entirely. Yet that merely damned him further. A man who performed atrocities in the absence of a conscience did not understand the depth of his evil, while a man who performed them in spite of his conscience believed his own petty desires justified any evil. He was a true malignancy.

Londo composed his face, straightened his jacket with a tug, and wound his way toward the poker table. Elric switched to the camera over the dealer's shoulder.

As Carvin raked in a large pot of chips, Londo came up behind her. "Hello, dear lady."

Carvin turned and extended her hand with a smile. "I told you, I'm no lady."

He kissed her hand, noticing the ring. He was wary, though trying not to show it. He must pretend he didn't know she was a techno-mage, must play the lovesick fool, with Carvin acting the seductress. Only that way could he "trick" her into gambling with him.

The player to her right-Muirne in disguise-gathered up her few remaining chips and left. Londo took her seat. "I am glad to find you here. I've thought of nothing but you since our last meeting."

"I've thought of many things, but none so intriguing as you, Ambassador."

Londo gave an uncertain smile, charmed in spite of himself. "You're unlike any woman I've ever met."

"More than you know."

"I would like to get to know you better. I've given great thought to what you said, that you like your gamblers fearless."

"And are you fearless, Ambassador? "

"For you," he said, again taking her hand, "I believe I could be. But the question is this, dear lady. Are you fearless?"

"You have a proposition."

"One I hope you will find intriguing. Perhaps we could discuss it over a drink."

"Delighted." She slid her chips into
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