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sabotage aboard the Zekhite, all the better. The Shadows would believe them desperate, vulnerable.

Across the station, Londo entered the casino. Elric released a silent breath. Here was the rest of the plan Morden had hatched within the hedge maze, and it was exactly as Elric had anticipated. He'd known that Morden sometimes manipulated the outcome of Londo's gambling, and he'd tried to encourage Morden's choice of that particular methodology by arranging Londo's encounter with Carvin. Londo, at his secret meeting with Morden, would have recited the mages' many offenses against him, including their attempt to cheat him at poker. Morden would have concluded that the mages, known never to lose at games of chance, were gathering funds to hire another ship, a replacement for the Tidewell that could be used to deceive the Shadows.

Now, Morden would believe, the mages' need for a ship was even greater.

He would want to control the mages. If they were to acquire another ship, he would want to know which it was. Elric had hoped that Morden would fashion these circumstances into a plan, a plan to use Londo to ensure the mages' destruction.

A lock of hair at one end of Londo's great crest drooped at an odd angle. Looking self-consciously around the dimly lit casino, he tried to press it back in place. When he removed his hand, it fell again immediately. With a frown, he brushed at a brown splotch on the front of his jacket. He'd had some trouble dealing with Fed's demons.

He saw Carvin at the high-stakes poker table and stopped his brushing. A strange expression came over his face, part eagerness, part hesitance. He must suspect that Morden's help with the techno-mage problem would not end well for the mages, just as Morden's help with the Narn problem in Quadrant 37
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