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Galen had never seen on her before. She was terrified.

"Don't worry," he said, barely able to hear himself after the fusillade of sound. "The other mages don't know that spell."

She sucked in a short breath, gave a quick nod.

He was ablaze with energy. He would take Blaylock, and the rest would pay for what they'd done. They would die. Elizar would die. If Galen could kill him more than once, he would.

He reached for the keypad beside the door. Before he could touch it, the door slid open.

* * *

Elric sat in John Sheridan's office, holding his weary body erect. He must know whether John would try to detain them, whether the plan to test the captain with the truth had been wise or foolhardy. But John had been delayed. He had gone to the customs area, where the station's Purple Drazi had launched an attack on the Zekhite's Green Drazi.

The conflict had begun on the freighter itself when the Purple Drazi had stormed it, but quickly spread to the customs area and into other ships docked nearby. The Green Drazi, though much fewer in number, were holding their own. Ing-Radi had warned the captain of the Zekhite, Vayda, that such an attack might come.

Station security had been thrown into disarray, but Elric expected that within a few minutes, they would begin arresting the Drazi, including the crew of the Zekhite, This time Susan Ivanova could not simply take the scarf of the Green leader and order the Greens to dye their scarves purple, for there was no Green leader aboard the Zekhite. She would have to think of another solution, and until then the Zekhite would be unavailable. The second shell in Elric's shell game would be taken out of play, as he had planned. If the Shadows had read Galen's message, and knew that the mages had been warned of
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