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same to the second alien. The tranqs were formulated for Drakh; he had no idea whether they'd do anything to these aliens, whether they'd knock the aliens out or kill them. All he cared was that they do something fast.

"What good was that?" G'Leel asked.

The two aliens fell against each other, wilted to the floor.

"Oh," G'Leel said.

From the gurney, Anna watched him. He couldn't leave her, he realized. He couldn't allow her to be enslaved again to a machine. Killing her would probably be a mercy, but he wasn't prepared to do that. Perhaps there was some way, in time, to help her recover what she had once been. Of course, it was unlikely that any of them would get out of here alive.

"Bring her with us." Galen limped ahead, the pain shooting through him with each step. "Hurry."

G'Leel wheeled Anna, and they found their way through the maze of tunnels to Blaylock's level without encountering anyone else. At this depth, the tunnels were about twice as wide as before. They should have been heavily trafficked. Galen had become certain they were walking into a trap. But there was no time for strategy or deception. He had to reach Blaylock.

They were within fifty feet of Rabelna's probe now; the door to the white room had to be around the next curve.

Galen heard the hint of movement behind them. He looked back. The curve of the tunnel concealed the sound's source.

He stilled G'Leel with a touch, hurried to one of the doors in the side of the tunnel. He pressed a few buttons on the keypad. The door required a specific code. He had no time to decipher it.

"Get against the wall," he whispered to G'Leel. "Quickly."

She wheeled the gurney to the side of the passage, and Galen pressed up against the cold stone beside her. He visualized the equation, conjured
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