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He realized G'Leel had been calling his name. "Yes," he said, still struggling to regain his equilibrium.

"These two are unarmed." She had forced the two aliens away from the gurney, but seemed hesitant to kill them. The thin white scar across her nose was prominent in the dim light.

Bits of Anna's memories seemed to have stayed with him. "They are butchers. They turn intelligent beings into components for their machines."

The aliens stared at him. With their large eyes and thin, narrow mouths, they gave the impression of being sad. That, he knew, was not the case.

Galen suddenly realized he'd lost contact with the probe on Rabelna. Quickly he accessed it. She had turned away from Tilar and Blaylock. All he could see was Bunny, sitting in the corner with crossed legs, the top one swinging impatiently.

"I should be going," Rabelna said. "This really is not my area of expertise."

Galen willed her to turn around. He had to see Blaylock.

"We have need of you," Elizar said. "Wait beside the door."

Rabelna did not move.

"Are you finished yet?" Elizar said. "He's not waking."

"He will." Tilar's voice was strained, as if with exertion.

"Galen!" G'Leel said.

He forced his attention back to the stone tunnel. He had to immobilize the aliens, had to get to Blaylock. The smart thing to do would be to use a minimum of energy. Avoid detection as long as possible-if they hadn't already been detected. Giving Anna a wide berth, he went to the aliens. One held up a hand in seeming fear, his long, thick fingers trembling.

Galen palmed two of the tranq tabs from his coat pocket. He made a distracting flourish before the alien's face with one hand, while with the other he reached up to press the tranq on the back of the alien's neck. Then he did the
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