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to him for a moment, savoring its comfort.

But all too quickly, the worries returned. If Galen had sent a message, then Blaylock must be unable. Galen would be on his own. Even if Alwyn was taking extreme risks to reach Thenothk quickly, he could not have arrived there yet. And by sending this message, Galen could well have betrayed his location to the Shadows, putting himself in even greater danger.

The throbbing in Elric's head grew stronger, carrying the pain of absence, of everything that had been lost. He had determined not to lose Galen. Yet the cavity of darkness within him threatened to swallow all hope.

He took a deep breath, banishing his worry. It would serve nothing. He opened the message and forced himself through it, word by word, sentence by sentence.

The Shadows know you are on Babylon 5. They know you plan to leave on the Zekhite. The Zekhite will be destroyed once you are aboard. Morden is in charge of it.

If the Shadows could intercept their messages, Galen's warning would work to Elric's advantage. That, however, provided little comfort. Galen's message was unnecessary. And he had risked his life to send it.

I was able to translate Isabelle's spell. I'm sending you all of her files, and my translation, and the information we've gathered about this place and the Shadows.

Galen had learned how to listen to the Shadows. If others could translate the work, this would be an invaluable asset. It would take time, though.

Only three sentences remained.

Blaylock has been captured and is being held in the City Center. I'm going after him.

Elizar is there.

Blaylock had been overcome, just as Kell had been. Of the powers Elizar and the Shadows might have used to subdue them, Elric had only his fears. Against those powers, Galen would
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