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the incident with the concealed camera was regrettable."

A thunderous roar blasted down at Londo.

He cowered, his hands up around his head. As the roaring swelled, he yelled out, barely audible. "And I would just like to say that for any misunderstanding that might have grown out of all of this... I..." His hands rose over his head now, in complete surrender. "I apologize."

The roaring stopped; the red light faded away.

Londo looked around in disbelief, then, deciding the worst was over, hesitantly lowered his hands. With an uncertain smile he attempted to regain his dignity. "Well, I'm pleased to see that you are a sympathetic and understanding group. I will go now. If you ever come this way again, though, perhaps we can do-do business after all, yes?" Londo paused, looking hopefully down the corridor. Then he seemed to realize that the greatest wisdom lay in a rapid retreat. He held his hands to either side of his mouth, yelled out his parting as if to stress the fact that their business was now concluded. "Good-bye." He turned and walked quickly down the hall.

On his back hung three holodemons, conjured by Fed with a spell that combined elements of illusion with elements of the flying platform, so that the images of the holodemons could be given substance, and even the ability to move objects. Fed would follow Londo, torment him with the demons. They would distract him and further fuel his anger against the mages. He would believe the mages' focus was on this petty revenge, and would not realize the true object of their machinations: the Centauri freighter Ondavi owned by Refa, docked at Babylon 5. It was the final shell in Elric's shell game.

Elric found he had received a message. It was from Galen.

Galen was still alive.

He held that truth close
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