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Cabin was scheduled to depart in four hours, and those who would leave here alive must be on it.

In one of the customs areas, Purple Drazi gathered, looking toward the bay that held the Zekhite, and whispering of the Green Drazi that rumor said were inside. Commander Susan Ivanova, second-in-command of Babylon 5, had thus far frustrated their attempts to fight until a clear-cut winner emerged. According to Beel's report, Susan had seized the scarf of the Green leader in frustration, and so had unintentionally become the Green leader. She had promptly ordered all Green Drazi to dye their scarves purple, effectively ending their division.

Yet now, Elric knew, they sensed the thrill of conflict returning. Fresh enemies had arrived on the station. The Purples didn't know what had happened to the two comrades they'd met in the brig who had originally told them of the Zekhite and its Green crew. Perhaps they believed the two were casualties of the conflict. In that case, their deaths would be avenged.

In the captain's office, Security Officer Lou Welch sat across the desk from John Sheridan, making his report. "Since they aren't registered in any way, we can't know every techno-mage who arrived. But we estimate now there are hundreds of them on the station. Maybe as many as five hundred. The arrivals seemed to stop a few days ago, which could mean that they're all here-all that are coming, anyway. They've ordered lots of supplies from various vendors, and each time they specified the goods had to be ready by this morning. Which suggests that they're leaving very soon now." Lou paused to scratch his balding head, looking rather anxious and overworked. "We still haven't been able to figure out how they're leaving, though. They're not registered as passengers on any outgoing
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