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at that very moment.

"No. You must not."

"Yes," G'Leel said, "I must."

Galen limped back inside, closed the door. "I cannot be responsible for your safety."

"I'm not asking you to be."

"Already Blaylock is overcome, despite his great powers."

She tapped the black case strapped to her waist. "He didn't have a gun."

Galen fixed her with his gaze. "Do you know where I'm going? Beneath the City Center is a vast complex of tunnels carved out of the rock. They are filled with your worst nightmares."

"Actually, my worst nightmares have involved you."

"Then perhaps you should not anger me."

"I'm the one with the ship that can take you both out of here."

Galen bowed his head. He didn't have time to argue, and he was already growing tired. "I do not expect Blaylock or I shall return from that place."

"Then I'll just have to help you." G'Leel opened the door and stepped out into the hall.

Galen followed, lowering his voice. "You will very likely die."

Her mouth tightened, and she drew in a quick breath. "That's my choice, isn't it? Just as it's yours?"

That he could not argue. He walked down the hall, G'Leel at his side.

At the City Center, deep below ground, a door opened, and Tilar turned quickly, an overly enthusiastic smile forming on his face. "Elizar. At last you're here."

* * *

Londo peered down the dimly lit corridor that marked the boundary of the mages' territory in Down Below. Vir had "shown" him the way, with Fed's hidden assistance, and then had quickly withdrawn. Vir had learned his lesson, which was more than Elric could say for his master.

From the observation room Elric watched Londo, as he watched many things, attempting to ignore the constant throbbing in his head. Time was growing short. The Crystal
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