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In his mind's eye, he began searching through all the probes they had planted, looking for Blaylock.

G'Leel stood over him, arms crossed. "He came with you last night, in the middle of the night. He said that you needed my help. I don't know what happened, but you looked very bad. You kept talking, saying something about a woman."

Galen closed his eyes. "I do not talk in my sleep."

"You had some things to say this time. You kept repeating, 'A woman in the scream.' Things like that. 'A woman in the machine.' Blaylock claimed he didn't understand it, but I got the feeling he didn't like what you were saying. Then he took out this crystal and said he was going to heal you. He seemed to just sit there. But when he quit, you looked better, and you'd finally shut up. He had to stop before you were completely healed, because he was afraid it might be detected or something. He explained that your leg had been broken in two places and you shouldn't walk on it.

"Then he said he had to leave. He told me he'd be back before the Khatkhata left, but if he wasn't, I had to take you off the planet with me."

"When will your ship depart?"

"Less than two hours. I'd already have you on board except for that bastard Ko'Vin. But don't worry. I can handle him."

"Blaylock said nothing of where he was going or why?"

"He left a note."

"A note." Galen raised his head.

"He said if you became difficult enough, I should give it to you."

Galen extended his hand.

G'Leel went to a stone desk across the room, removed a piece of paper from the drawer. She handed it to Galen.

"Have you read this?" he asked.

G'Leel shifted uncomfortably. "He claimed he put a spell on it. He said if I read it, a very unpleasant curse would fall on me and my family."

Galen coughed,
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