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shin. Pain shot through him. He caught himself quickly with his good leg, releasing a hard breath, and told himself to take the next step now, before he thought about it. In this way, he limped across the room toward the door.

Calm down. I didn't say I wouldn't take him. I'm sure we can come to some sort of friendly, mutually pleasurable agreement. You know I've always had my eye on you.

Come one step closer, you pathetic [untranslatable phrase] and you'll leave here in pieces.

Galen opened the door. The outer room was decorated with stone furnishings in the Narn style, illuminated with red light. G'Leel and Ko'Vin stood a few feet apart. Ko'Vin's hands were extended, G'Leel's clenched in fists at her sides.

"Where is Blaylock?"

They both turned to him. G'Leel's eyes widened. "You're not supposed to get up. Your leg is broken."

"Where," Galen said, "is Blaylock?"

I'll talk to you in a few minutes, G'Leel said, showing Ko'Vin out.

Don't take too long. I need to get to the ship. If you're reasonable, we can settle all this quickly.

I'm sure it would be quick, G'Leel said, closing the door in his face. She turned to Galen. "Let me help you back to bed."

Galen braced his hand against the door frame. "Just stop. And tell me. Where is he?"

"Blaylock-he's that other mage you were with?"

Galen nodded.

"He went to get more information."


"He didn't say. But he said not to wait for him."

Galen rested his forehead against the cool door frame, taking shallow breaths. Why had Blaylock left him here? Where had Blaylock gone?

G'Leel's muscular arm clamped around his shoulders, and she half-carried him back to the bed, deposited him there. He sat hunched forward, hand wrapped around his side. "Tell me everything that happened."
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