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still stuck in Londo's quarters."

In the air before them, Fed conjured the image from the probe on Vir's cheek. The blackness was broken only by the thin beam of a penlight. Vir's thick-fingered hand aimed the light into a recess in the wall.

"This is ridiculous," Londo ranted. "In the case of emergency, when all power has gone and you are standing in complete blackness, open a tiny panel in the wall and trigger some nearly invisible device to open the door. What insane Human invented this system? We could be dead by now."

Vir turned, shining the penlight at Londo, who stood over him. "Don't say that. We've got enough problems as it is."

Londo raised a hand before his face. "Stop shining that thing in my eyes and get back to work." Vir turned back to the recess in the wall, and Londo continued. "Do they think I have nothing better to do than stand here in the dark? Do they think they can spirit away all my money and suffer no consequences? They think we are cowering in here, Vir, waiting for their next demon to slip through the air ducts and terrify us. Well, we're not! Come, conjure your best, you second-rate magicians! Bring it on!"

"Londo! You're not helping."

Fed laughed.

Londo continued. "They think we will be awed by their fancy tricks like some kind of savages. They think they can come here and show no respect."

"I thought you had decided to apologize."

For a moment there was silence. Then Londo spoke. "That doesn't mean I have to be happy about it."

A dim light came on, and Vir turned to investigate. Across the room, the communications screen had lit up, and a text message appeared. Londo walked over to it.

Ambassador, I think you may want something I can provide. Assistance with your situation. Meet me. You know where.

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