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into two craggy peaks, one above the other. Galen scanned different frequencies, looking for static. "I assumed your associate had told you by now," Rabelna said. "But has he also told you their plans?"

There, in the corner, the sparkle of static in the darkness.

The elevator doors opened. The top floor seemed deserted. Galen and Blaylock quickly made their way to the room Rabelna had entered. Shadow communications were transmitted in a narrow, focused beam. To detect them, he must be within three feet of the recipient, in this case, hopefully, the Drakh. Once he had tapped into the transmissions, though, he believed he could maintain access at a greater distance. In fact, once a connection was established, he might be unable to terminate it. Memories threatened to return, and he pushed them away.

"What do you know of their plans?" the Drakh asked. He stood just on the other side of the door, a foot away.

Galen scanned for high frequencies, found an area within the Drakh's brain was being excited by energy in a focused, narrow band-a message sent from the Shadow to the Drakh.

Something slipped down over his skin with the whisper of silk. Blaylock had contained both of them within a soundproof shield. Galen had once done the same for her. If he began to yell out the Shadow's words, as she had, the shield would hold the sound within.

"I know everything," Rabelna said. "How much would you like to know?"

He did not want to cast the spell. If he'd translated incorrectly, it could create some massive instability, endangering Blaylock and possibly much more. If he'd translated correctly, he could be overwhelmed by the Shadows' signal. He glanced at Blaylock's gaunt face, realizing Blaylock would be left alone to face the Shadows if he was incapacitated. But
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