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money is being reinvested into worthless companies, and his files are being destroyed, all in a very loud, obnoxious way. He's very unhappy with us right now."

"Galen asked you to watch over me."

Gowen looked down, embarrassed. "Yes. Just as I asked him to watch over Blaylock."

Elric pushed himself to his feet. "You have fulfilled your promise. But know that Ing-Radi needs your attention much more than I do."

Gowen said nothing, his anxious eyes on Elric. Elric continued toward their place in Down Below. Gowen followed.

Blaylock, Elric knew, would watch over Galen to the best of his abilities. But what if Blaylock was incapacitated? Galen had no power to heal. He could be left alone.

And now, Elric had angered the Shadows. What better way for them to strike back at him than through Galen? If they knew where he was. After Morden's threat, Elric felt compelled to take some action. He had given up everything for the mages, except Galen.

And Galen he would not give up.

* * *

Galen and Blaylock wound their way through the maze of streets toward the City Center. Through their probe, they watched as the Drazi Rabelna Dorna walked a few blocks ahead, briefcase in hand. She seemed to know her way.

As the day had not been bright, the night was not dark. The city lights reflected off the smoke and soot in the air, giving it an eerie grey glow. The height of buildings, the narrowness of the streets, the concentration of beings all increased as the two of them neared their goal. Despite the late hour, the area was filled with activity, and Shadows were plentiful.

Here, at last, Galen found some pattern to the city. The curved streets revealed that it was, at its core, a circular maze, with the City Center its protected heart. Many streets ringed
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