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dropped down his chest into Elric's free hand. Morden failed to notice it, preoccupied as he was with pain.

Elric shoved him to the side and took a few quick steps past the Shadows, toward Down Below.

Morden hunched over, gasping. His eyes glittered with black anger. It was not only Morden's anger, Elric realized, but the Shadows' as well. They were enraged that he would treat their messenger with such contempt. Well, Elric had anger of his own. Let them learn what it meant to threaten Galen. And let their rage blind them to his designs.

"That was a mistake," Morden said from behind the twin figures of static. After a few moments he straightened, and again he smiled, though this time the smile seemed more labored. "If you want our silence, then work with us. No one needs to know. With your cooperation, you can buy the lives of all the mages."

"And what did you buy with your cooperation?" Elric held up the necklace. "Whose lives? Whose deaths?"

The smile vanished from Morden's face. "I want that back." Those words, Elric sensed, came from Morden alone.

"It means nothing to you," Elric said. "I read your article on the Anfran love incantation. You translated the key line as 'The love that abides no borders.' You loved them, once. Yet they are dead and here you are. If you truly loved them, and you truly abide no borders, you would have killed yourself to be with them." Elric allowed the stone to swing slightly from his fingers, and Morden's eyes followed it. "You are not what you once were," Elric said. "They have changed you. You are their slave."

Morden's eyes shifted from the stone to Elric, and his expression darkened. "You're as much a slave as I am. You were bought, just like me."

"I am not a slave," Elric said, "so long as I can do this." He
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