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the course of the conversation was quickly building toward anger. He came around his desk toward Elric. "You have to understand that when something like this comes to my attention, I have to look into it. And there are an awful lot of you here, over a hundred, according to security. And you refuse to tell EarthCentral where you're going?"

"We have a right to go where we wish, when we wish, with as many as we wish, without being harassed, questioned, or detained." Now he was yelling.

John took a deep breath. "I am not looking to cause you trouble. I would just like some questions answered, that's all."

Londo strolled into the spacious office, a drink in one hand. He hadn't even the courtesy to show up on time. Elric imagined the pleasure of throwing him into a roomful of angry Narns who knew what Londo had done in Quadrant 37.

"Sorry to be late, gentlemen," Londo said. "I was unavoidably detained. Matters of state, you understand."

Elric understood perfectly. John had agreed to set up the meeting an hour ago, and since then Londo had been madly searching for the smallest recording device he could find.

Londo set his drink down on a table against the wall, and with a clumsy sleight of hand set the one-inch-tall recording device beside it. He approached them. "I can tell from the sense of joy permeating the room that I was right to offer my services as a mediator."

Elric extended a finger toward Londo. "Is this the one who brought us to your attention?" he asked John.

"Only after I'd heard about your situation at my security briefing."

"Captain," Elric said, "you have been used. This-creature- has been seeking an audience with me since I arrived."

John turned toward Londo. "Is this true?"

Londo did a poor actor's imitation of outrage. "Absolutely
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