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win. And now you're just stepping aside?" Her red eyes demanded an answer, but he had none.

"Those weapons have to be stopped," she said. "If the Centauri don't get those shipments, they may not have the stomach to attack us. This warehouse-where is it?"

"I will tell you, when we have the information we need."

G'Leel gathered the lapel of his coat in her gloved fist. "You'll tell me now," she said, her breath hot against his skin.

"If you move against the warehouse and are captured, you could reveal our presence. No one must know that we are here."

"I could reveal your presence right now," she whispered.

"But you won't. You need the information I possess."

G'Leel's gun barrel pressed into Galen's chest. "You'll tell me now."

Energy surged through Galen. He felt a driving need to attack, to strike back at this threat. Yet at the same time, something within him hoped that her finger would tighten on the trigger, and the weapon would fire, and the end he had sought would finally come.

With fierce focus he forced the screen in his mind's eye to remain blank. "I am under the direction of another. I've already told you much more than I should. I must get his permission before I can share the information."

A movement from the corner of his eye caught his attention, and Galen turned his head. Blaylock was sitting a few tables away, a large dinner spread before him.

G'Leel followed his gaze. "Is that him? How long has he been there?"

"I don't know. But try to make a good impression."

She slipped the gun back into its case, sat back in her chair. Briskly she straightened Galen's coat. "As good as new."

Galen began a mind-focusing exercise, desperately trying to regain some sense of calm. "Let me speak to him alone. I will come to you as soon
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