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of my parents, on Narn, being attacked. How can I stop that from coming true?"

"If I knew the future, and I knew how to change it, don't you think I would have done so?"

She released him, her lips tight. "When I heard about the destruction of our outpost in Quadrant 37, I wanted to return home, to defend us from any threats. But I thought maybe I could do more good here. From what you and..." Her pause extended, her thought hovering in the air, waiting for the word required, the word that would allow the thought to continue.

He must say her name. "Isabelle."

G'Leel nodded. "Isabelle made me realize that I might do the most good here, if I could gather information and share it with others."

"You have done well." Galen felt himself growing distant from G'Leel, from this place, from this time.

"But why would the Shadows attack Narn at all? We've done nothing to them. The Centauri are the ones who have always threatened us."

"There is a warehouse here," Galen said, "where weapons are made. They are loaded into crates indicating that they were manufactured on Centauri Prime. I believe they will be sent to the Centauri."

"The Shadows are sending arms to the Centauri? Then they've allied against us."

"It appears so."

An expression passed over her face that Galen couldn't identify. "I have to stop them. Let me help you. You're going to attack them?"

"I am here to gather information," Galen said.

"In preparation for an attack. Where are the rest of your kind?"

"They will not come. I am with just one other."

"Two of you. To gather information. What good is that?"

"It may save us."

"Save you."


"And what about us?"

Galen said nothing. The answer was obvious.

"You drew me into this fight. You led me to believe we could
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