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you before, we were carrying some demolition equipment for Joncorp. They're using it to destroy their factory, which is next to the City Center. They're just finishing up now. The thing is, I know a Narn who worked on the construction crew for that factory. The place was state-of-the-art, and it was built only two years ago. I thought maybe the city forced them out to expand the Center. But my construction friend just told me he's been hired to rebuild the factory for Joncorp in exactly the same place, to the same design. Construction is going to start soon. So why would they tear it down?"

"To keep busy?"

G'Leel smiled. "I didn't think you had a sense of humor."

"I save it for special occasions."

She leaned toward him, and her red eyes glistened in the dim light. "I know where Z'ha'dum is. A system called Alpha Omega. Drakh come and go from there, perhaps a few others. I don't know anyone personally who's been there. I think the Shadows live there, just like you said. I think they direct what goes on here."

"The Shadows are here as well. You cannot see them."

G'Leel looked around the bar. "In here, now?"

"I see none. But my ability to detect them may be imperfect."

"That's reassuring." Her gloved hands tapped nervously against the table. "Everything here is focused on a coming war. The growth, the activity-it's got to start soon." She looked at him expectantly, hoping her information was sufficient.

Though she had failed to tell him the one thing he wanted to know, Galen tried to find the right words to thank her, tried to remember what had been said to her before. "You've been a great help. The information is very useful."

"But what can you do with it? What can I do, against all of them?" Her hand closed around his arm. "You showed me a vision
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