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irresistible and overwhelming, and the tech raced in response. He hadn't been able to release its energy, and it wanted to be released, it needed to be, if he was to retain control.

"I remember him. But how did you-"

He fixed her with his gaze. "Have you seen him since?"

She hesitated a moment, taken aback. "No."

"Have you heard anything of him, or of a mage allied to the Shadows?"


"He brought a Centauri on your ship. An apprentice mage, named Tilar. Do you know anything of him?"


"What about the telepath? Do you know who he is? Where he might be found?"

"No." Her golden face was wary, uncertain.

Galen forced himself to break off. He took a drink, willed his pounding heart to slow. She didn't know. She didn't know what he needed to know. He crossed his arms over his chest, holding tightly to control.

"Your eyes have been haunting my dreams," she said. "They look down on me and accuse me of not doing enough."

Galen turned on her. "And have you done enough?"

"I've been listening, and watching, since I met you."

"And what have you seen?"

She released a breath. "The last time I was here, I met a man in a bar who claimed to be a telepath. I don't know if he said it just to impress females, or if it was true. He said he worked in the City Center. That's the biggest building in the city. It houses the government. A lot of the Drakh work there. Security is very tight. You aren't allowed inside without a pass."

"Where is this building?"

"I can't explain how to get there. I could show you, though."

His anger was slowly fading, though the restless energy of the tech remained. He was tired of holding it in, tired of being cold. "What else can you tell me?"

"There's something strange going on down there. When I saw
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