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he knew what would come out. Destruction. Galen crossed his arms over his chest, shivering. The need to act was becoming overwhelming.

He stopped his pacing. He could not stay here, with the endless thoughts, the relentless memories. He'd fled all the way to the rim, and still they haunted him. He wadded the scarf into a ball, threw it against the wall. He would find G'Leel, and see what she could tell him.

He opened the door to the adjoining room, left a note in the language of the Soom telling Blaylock where he would be.

Then he left, slamming the door behind him.

* * *

"Then you are familiar with the techno-mages, hmm?" Londo asked John Sheridan.

Londo stood at the window in John's office, hands clasped behind his back, surveying the station's vast gardens as if they were his own personal property. Elric watched through a probe Alwyn had managed to plant on John's neck.

"Only by name and reputation," John said. "I've never seen one before. Wasn't really sure they even existed before now."

After Vir had explained his failure to set up an audience with the mages, Londo hadn't wasted a moment to come up with a new strategy. He had not bothered to thank Vir for the attempt, or for pulling him away from a poker game with a techno-mage-a situation that could only have ended in his financial ruin. The idea that the mages had refused to see him while at the same time secretly sending a beautiful representative to cheat him at poker had offended his Centauri pride, and he was more determined than ever to have his way.

"Ah." Londo turned away from the window and approached John, who was sitting behind his desk. "Most unfortunate. On my world we had considerable experience with them. They can be a source of great trouble, unless one knows how
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