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one, who was to be Elizar's personal weapon. Elizar had said as much, when he'd come aboard to claim a telepath for his own.

The images of Galen's fantasy arose again: Elizar turning and seeing him, that angular, arrogant face filling with fear. And then, Galen's hands covered in blood, clutching the broken threads of Elizar's tech.

Galen hadn't dared to access the Khatkhata probes again, to see Elizar continuing with his life as if nothing had hap-pened. Instead, Galen had given Elric his key, so Elric could access the relay on the ship and, through it, the probes on the crew. After a few days, Elric had told him that contact had been lost. The relay and the probes must have become separated, or else the probes had been destroyed.

If the probes were still intact and they were near enough, Galen could access them directly, without the relay. From his menu, he selected the probes on the Narn crew, and he was surprised to see their images spread out before him.

The crew was in a bar, of course. That seemed to be where they spent most of their time. The room was dimly lit, with a low ceiling and rough, exposed beams. Most of the crew looked fairly advanced in their drinking. They were hanging over each other, gold and black spotted heads swaying unsteadily, as they chanted one of their endless drinking games. They made obscene profits transporting goods to the rim and seemed to have little idea how to spend the money, except in drinking and extravagant self-indulgence.

Second-in-command of the Khatkhata, G'Leel sat apart from them with her back to the bar, quiet and watchful. In the past, she would have joined in.

Captain Ko'Vin stumbled up to her, and Galen quickly accessed his Narn translation program. As Ko'Vin spoke, the translation appeared in his mind's
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