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turned his attention to the casino, accessing those cameras. There, in safety and luxury, Londo gambled and drank, as was his habit. "Wait thirty minutes," Elric said to Carvin. "Then go."

Carvin sucked her lips in nervously, nodded.

"All is according to plan," he said. "They will believe we have sent you in a desperate attempt to secure another transport, another misdirection. You are prepared?"

With a quick flick of her hand she produced an ace of diamonds between index and middle fingers. On her index finger she wore the signet ring engraved with the rune for solidarity.

Elric smiled. "You will do well."

Carvin's grin lit up her face. With a flourish of her hand the card vanished. She hurried off.

In his mind's eye he visualized a blank message screen. Begin. He imagined the message being broken into bits of information, traveling through the air to Fed, reassembling itself.

Fed would steer Vir toward them now. The extra hour the Shadows had taken meant that Vir had made a few extra trips around Down Below, but he would arrive only a bit worse for the wear.

Elric looked up at Ing-Radi. "I will take care of John Sheridan. I had planned to meet him, in any case."

"If I may. You must first take care of yourself. Else our task will not succeed."

She reached toward him, and he stepped back. It was her nature to heal where she saw hurt, as she had always done. Yet now she had no organelles to spare. She needed all her healing powers for herself.

He straightened, trying to hide his fatigue. "I am well enough. In two more days, we will have eternity to rest."

"It is not yet your time. That element of your plan is flawed. You must save yourself for the mages. And for Galen. He still needs you."

Elric pushed thoughts of Galen from his mind.
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