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a black shirt beneath, the lines clean, forceful. Her wavy dark hair was pinned up, a single strand curling down each side of her face.

"That is Senator Norman," Ing-Radi said. "She is a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, as well as a member of the Babylon 5 Oversight Committee. A powerful person."

On the right was John Sheridan, captain of Babylon 5. Elric had first become aware of him during the Earth-Minbari War, and since then had followed his career. The captain was an energetic, charismatic leader-a good man, moral and loyal, though also a fierce and canny military strategist. He was a practical man who had not yet given up his dreams, a rare combination. Though he had risen far in his career and fought already in one war, he was just entering early middle age. In charge of this place devoted to good, he would be a major force in the great war, either fulfilling the promise of Babylon 5 or undermining it completely. He stood in his office, hands clasped behind his back, fit, young, ready, he believed, to face any challenge. He had no idea what would soon confront him.

Ing-Radi set the images into motion.

"Captain Sheridan," the senator said, her mouth sliding into a smile that somehow seemed condescending. "It's a pleasure to finally speak with you. Congratulations on your new post."

"Thank you."

"I'm afraid I have to keep this brief, though it is a matter of grave importance. It has come to our attention that a large group of techno-mages has gathered on Babylon 5."

John Sheridan nodded. "We're aware of the situation." His voice, though untrained, carried a compelling resonance. He had learned how to give orders and command respect.

"Do you know their plans?"

"Security tells me they may be leaving within a day or two, though we
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