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could converse privately. Blaylock had warned that they must not send messages to each other once they arrived at Thenothk. If they spoke in the language of the Soom, though, the chances that the language would be understood were virtually nonexistent. "She seems to be a thief," Galen said, continuing in that language.

"What has she stolen?" Blaylock's pronunciation was harsh, but accurate.

Galen looked toward the stacks of credit chits, comp-pads. Surely the Shadows weren't interested in stolen merchandise. He turned to Blaylock. "Information."

Blaylock's eyes narrowed. "What information?"

Information that would concern Blaylock. "Information about our order."

Blaylock gave a single nod. "I believe so, yes."

"How do you know that?" As Galen asked the question, the answer came to him. "Elric and the others. They're on Babylon 5."

Blaylock set down his fork, apparently finished. He had eaten only one of the potatoes. "Eat your food."

If Rabelna brought word that the mages were gathering on Babylon 5, that would mean the deception was proving successful. Yet it would also mean the Shadows would take action against those gathered there. Galen picked up his wrap. "Can't we send a warning to Elric?"

"No. It is quite possible, in any case, that Elric himself has sent her, as his unwitting agent."

Galen nodded as he chewed.

"You asked if I evaluate you. Of course I do. If we are to work together effectively, I must know you. Elric felt you should not come with me." Blaylock paused. "Your hands are red."

Galen put down his wrap self-consciously. "It is dry on the ships, and cold. Not what I'm used to."

"One should beware what one becomes accustomed to. The body can withstand much, but one should act out of discipline, not a lack of it."

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