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from one transport to the other, she must have found another ride, a much faster one.

In his mind's eye, Galen scanned back through the record to see where she had been before Babylon 5. Rabelna seemed to spend much of her time on the station, though in mid-January she'd made a trip to Curesse, the system beside Alwyn's home of Regula. Two of the planets in the Curesse system had been engaged in a vicious war for the past six months. As Galen wondered whether her visit might be connected to that, he realized that Alwyn and Carvin had left Regula for Selic in mid-January. And when they'd begun their journey, they had been attacked by an unmarked ship of great power. Could Rabelna have been involved in that?

Blaylock had before him a small plate with three boiled potatoes. His head was bowed, and Galen realized he must be directing the tech to deactivate the taste center in his brain, as he was known to do. With such bland food, Galen wondered what difference it would make.

Galen had ordered a wrap, and it had come on a large platter with all sorts of stylish vegetation, so that, compared to Blaylock, he seemed to have a feast. He remembered what Gowen had said.

"I seem to have a lot," he said. "I'm glad to share."

"No, thank you," Blaylock said.

"Do you think she was involved in the attack on Alwyn?"

"Yes." Blaylock was dissecting one of the potatoes with his fork.

"She works with the-" Galen thought it wiser if he did not say their name here. "With them."


"Why has she come to Tau Omega?"

Blaylock chewed with efficient, automatic movements. "Why has she come to Tau Omega from Babylon 5?" He had switched to the language of the Soom.

Galen shook his head, startled that Blaylock would know it. He must have learned the language so they
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