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stood, shook his hand. As they spoke, she glanced several times at the table, as if checking its contents.

"Does she want him to join her?"

"No," Galen said. "She doesn't want him near her things."

"Is she honest with him?"

"Do you intend me to use my-"

"No. Look."

Galen had studied the ways in which heart rate, respiration, and other physiological signs might reveal lies. But without his sensors, he could detect little. He knew that eye movement and gestures were tied to lying, but they varied greatly with the individual and required a much better knowledge of the person. Galen didn't know what he was supposed to see. "She looks into his eyes. Her hand is in her pocket."

"The hand in the pocket, in almost every species with hands and pockets, is a tell. When the palm is shown, one is usually speaking the truth. When the palm is hidden, the truth is hidden as well. She is hiding something. And she is anxious about it."

She shook hands again with the man, and he left. She sat back at the table, straightening her piles.

Galen turned to Blaylock. "Do we really care about any of these people? Or are you simply evaluating me?"

"They may all be useful, to varying degrees. Her presence, in particular, concerns me."


The waiter came with their food, and Galen found he had a message from Blaylock. In it were the records of the Drazi's travel. Her name was Rabelna Dorna. Most recently she had been on Babylon 5. Galen saw no particular relevance in that. She had left only nine days ago, though, on a transport that could never have gotten her this far, this fast. Rabelna had disembarked from the transport a few systems away from Babylon 5. Then records showed her on a planet near the rim, boarding this ship, only two days later. To take her
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