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Tell me of the Drazi."

Galen turned toward the table against the opposite wall.

"Simply look, and tell me what you see."

"She dresses like a Human." The Drazi wore a brown jacket and skirt with a subtle plaid, something a businesswoman on Earth might wear. It had obviously been tailored for her anatomy, though still it bulged from her thick grey scales. Her shoes were of the Drazi style, since Human shoes would not fit her wide feet, and would probably look strange if adapted to do so.

"Why does she dress like a Human?"

"Perhaps she spends more time with Humans than with Drazi."


"She wants to impress someone. To be taken seriously. To fool herself into thinking she is better than others of her kind." Her briefcase was open on the table, and within it Galen caught the sparkle of a pile of data crystals. On the table, she had several neat stacks of materials laid out before her. Two of the stacks appeared to be credit chits; two others were comp-pads. Perhaps she was a thief.

The waiter came and refilled her cup-she was drinking coffee. His hand touched one of the stacks, knocking the comp-pads just slightly out of alignment. When he left, she brought her grey, scaled hands to either side of the stack and straightened it. "She is neat," Galen said.

"Such compulsive ordering is a sign of insecurity. She fears she will lose what she has. One straightens the comp-pads, or puts away the menus, because one finds one's life out of control."

Galen's head jerked toward Blaylock, and he found Blaylock's attention not on the Drazi, but on him. This was not a test of his abilities at all. Blaylock was dissecting him just like these outsiders. He folded his hands tightly in his lap and looked back to the Drazi.

A Human came to the table, and she
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