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progress, Alwyn and Carvin positioned themselves at a stall where she often stopped. The Human proprietor traded in stolen wares.

Rabelna wound her way through the bazaar, stopping periodically. At last she approached the stall where the mages waited.

Alwyn had planted probes there, and Elric now accessed those, using the common key they had all agreed upon. Elric selected a probe stuck on a display case. Rabelna stood over it, waiting for the proprietor to finish with another customer. Alwyn and Carvin stood to one side, their backs to her. They spoke in well-rehearsed Drazi.

"Captain Vayda fired us because he was afraid we'd win," Alwyn said.

"It's not our fault we two drew purple and the rest of the crew drew green," Carvin said. "We had to fight. That's no reason to fire us."

"It's Green oppression," Alwyn said.

Rabelna's expression soured with the talk of the Purple/ Green conflict.

"I'm going to file a complaint with the shipping commission. Those techno-mages are paying a bonus. We should have gotten a share."

At the mention of techno-mages, Rabelna glanced subtly in their direction. Suddenly she was interested. She reached into her pocket, activated a small recorder.

Alwyn took Carvin's arm, lowering his voice. "I have a better idea." Rabelna inched closer. "The Zekhite will arrive here in ten days to take the techno-mages away. When the ship comes, we can lead the Purples of Babylon 5 in an attack. Teach Captain Vayda and those Greens a lesson."

"That's brilliant!" Carvin said. "Let's find the Purple leader."

They began to walk away, and Rabelna deactivated the recorder, the grey scales of her face twisting with a sly smile. She looked curiously after Alwyn and Carvin.

To follow their progress, Elric accessed one of the security
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