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to have been your teacher."

Galen nodded quickly, his throat thick. As he continued toward Blaylock, he found that he had a message from Elric. You have made me proud.

He thought to send something to Elric in return, but he could not form the words. He didn't know why. But he could not. Elric knew, didn't he? Didn't he know how Galen felt?

"Gather your things," Blaylock said. "We go at once."

Galen turned back; the air-lock door slid down, blocking the last of Elric's black robe from sight.

He was gone.

Galen took a deep breath. He and Blaylock were left in the empty hangar with Maskelyne. She had volunteered to stay behind and maintain as long as possible the illusion that the mages remained on Selic 4. She had made the planet her place of power so that she could more skillfully disguise their presence. Now she would disguise their absence. She did not know the location of the new gathering place, so when the Shadows came for her, they would not get the information from her.

Galen did not know her well, but she was a master of disguise and illusion. She constantly shrouded herself in full-body illusions, so that Galen wasn't sure what she truly looked like. She appeared now as a scarred warrior suited in glittering silver armor.

Blaylock bowed his head. "You do us a great service."

"I will be satisfied if I can take some of them with me."

"Then I wish you great satisfaction."

"And I, you."

Galen bowed. "Thank you."

"The blessing of Wierden upon you," Blaylock said to her.

Blaylock strode toward the air lock, and Galen retrieved his possessions and followed. As they stepped into the confined space, Galen slid his breather over his face.

For a few moments they were closed inside together, then the outer door opened onto the dark
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