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standing beside him-the height of his body, the shape of it, the heat of it. Perhaps they would never stand together again. As so much had been lost, Elric, too, could be lost.

That thought terrified him.

* * *

"I am not Elric," Blaylock said. "I will not tolerate disobedience. I will order and you will obey. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Galen said. They stood in the large hangar where Galen had first entered the facility. The rows of crates and supplies were now nearly gone, the hangar nearly empty. Gowen hovered a few feet away, listening as Blaylock laid down the rules for Galen.

"I allow you to accompany me because you have handled yourself well under difficult circumstances, and because of your experience with the Shadows. But I am well aware that you disobeyed my orders in the destruction of Elizar's ship." Blaylock's eyes narrowed. "Do not defy me again. This is your only warning."

Blaylock had ordered Galen to destroy the ship from a safe distance. Somehow he knew that Galen had attacked Elizar's chrysalis while still on board. He must have planted a probe when he'd been on the ship. Galen bowed his head, embarrassed that his rage had been uncovered.

"Yes," Galen said. "I'm sorry."

Blaylock grunted. Maskelyne and two of the Kinetic Grimlis entered the hangar, and Blaylock moved away to consult with them.

"He likes you," Gowen said.

"I have that to be grateful for," Galen said.

Most of the mages were now in their ships, awaiting the signal to depart. Gowen was assigned to go with Elric and Ing-Radi's group, yet he continued to linger, seemingly unable to leave Blaylock.

The last few hours had been filled with activity as the mages mobilized to leave Selic 4. Blaylock had taken charge of Galen, separating him from Elric and
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