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as Kell sent Elizar to do? We dare not. And the truth is, some among us may already have joined the Shadows, and may only be pretending loyalty to us. That may be how Elizar learned our location."

"Then what good will it be to hide, if the Shadows will know our hiding place?"

"No one will know, save the Circle. And no one will be allowed to send communications outside the hiding place, save the Circle."

"The hiding place will be our prison, then."

"That is not-" Elric's voice broke off oddly in the middle of his sentence, as if he had lost his breath. "That is not what I said."

"I can't believe you're going to go along with this," Alwyn said. "You're going to leave all the beings in known space without defense against the Shadows."

"We are not the only defense."

"But we're the ones best equipped to defend. What purpose do we have, if not this?"

Galen didn't understand what Alwyn meant. Certainly the mages were powerful. But weren't the Vorlons even more powerful?

"I too thought it might be our destiny to fight the Shadows, perhaps even to defeat them. Yet the Circle finds it

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