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actually. But he took the time to talk to me." Fed was silent for a few seconds. Galen didn't think he'd ever seen Fed quiet, except when someone else was speaking. "When I saw Elric come out of that ship with a body, I felt-outrage, I guess is what it was. How could they do that?"

Galen kept his voice neutral. "The same way they killed before."

"Elizar always seemed to take that mage arrogance thing a little too seriously. And Razeel, she was just plain creepy."

Galen wondered how Fed would categorize him.

"How could they have overpowered Kell? And how could they have found out where we are? Kell resigned the Circle before those decisions were even made," Fed said.

"I don't know."

"A traitor?"

Galen did not answer. They didn't have enough information.

"We're going to have to move, aren't we? If they know we're gathering here, they could follow us to the hiding place."

"I expect so." They had reached the far side of the hangar, and Galen stopped, hoping that perhaps Fed would return to his post.

Fed glanced into the plain beige hall and seemed to force the crooked smile back onto his face. "I'm lobbying for someplace warmer and more comfortable for our next gathering place. A nice resort with a beach. A bunch of pale-skinned techno-mages in black robes would fit right in."

Down the hall to the right, a large group of mages blocked the passage. Carvin stood out in her colorful Centauri silks, her head buried in her hands as she sobbed. Alwyn stood beside his former student, an arm over her shoulders, his jaw tight with anger. After Elric, they were the two mages he felt closest to. But Galen did not want to join them in their mourning.

"Word travels pretty fast around here." Fed shrugged.

Galen had no doubt Fed had been the one to start
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